The info on Soy is misleading. This short article will list some warnings on Soy. The internet is loaded with information warning of the harmful effects of Soy when used improperly. Robert Cohen, the man, recommends organically grown soy. My opinion is that the bad effects of Soy are due to the adulteration of the natural food for commercialization. Because the human race has weakened itself on denatured junk food for several generations, we are genetically predisposed to trouble from foods that can shift the chemical balance too far in one direction. We are not healthy enough to tolerate this effect and so certain foods affect us, based upon our individual weaknesses. Soy is one of those type of foods since it contains large amounts of nutritional complexes that have strong effects on our endocrine systems.

  1. Two glasses of Soy milk a day contain enough chemicals to alter the menstrual cycle.
  2. Some of the chemicals added to natural Soy products in Soy are also known to contribute to breast cancer.  [The reader is advised to read article one to become acquainted with the true nature of cancer. The orthodox view of cancer is incorrect, dangerous and destructive.]
  3. Never use Soy formula for babies and donít use TOFU. Babies can survive on Avocado or almond milk prepared from fresh almonds. Stale almonds will poison babies with rancid fats.
  4. Donít use Soy unless it has been fermented or sprouted. Use only Tempeh, Miso and Soy sprouts. Soak Soy beans for three or four days and rinse them twice a day then cook until soft. Primitive cultures used Soy with little harmful effect due to the habit of soaking and straining which removed the harmful enzymes. The heat of the cooking process also helps eliminate unwanted enzyme activity. The sprouted form is quite safe. Soy cannot compare to animal protein as far as effectiveness in the human diet. Vegetarianism is fine if done right. Hardly anyone does it right. Vegetable and fruit protein is an inferior grade of protein and often combined with starch that inhibits its absorption. Our bodies are geared for the absorption and use of animal protein. The liver cell of any mammal looks and functions much like the human liver cell. Our bodies take those cells and use them for self repair and antibody production. In this regard, the animal kingdom is our spare parts warehouse so to speak.
  5. Foods affect hormone balances in the body. Just about every new chemical coming out these days seems to contain estrogenic substances so the situations that will contribute to hormone imbalances abound. Adding the wrong foods to the diet can contribute significantly. Many of the hormone imbalances are very frequently the result of poor Adrenal Gland function which causes imbalances in hormones. These imbalances should not be chased therapeutically.
  6. When faced with hormonal imbalances and symptoms always take one more step backwards in your diagnostic approach towards discovery of the true cause of the stress responsible for the Adrenal Gland dysfunction. Identify the stressor/s, remove it/them, and then make a decision on whether or not nutritional/glandular/hormonal support is really necessary and exactly what that support should be.
  7. A good example of #7 above is seen in the patient who shows positive therapy localization to the Adrenal neurolymphatic points prior to manipulation (Applied Kinesiology Technique) but not following manipulation. I.e., the stressor was mechanical. The body responds instantly to the proper corrections, whether they be mechanical, chemical or mental. A good hour of meditation for example will often help solve a multitude of symptoms (i.e., stop the brain for a period of not less than thirty minutes. An hour is better.). The secret to meditation is "indulge". Learn how not to "indulge" in your thoughts, just allow them to come and go by themselves.
  8. Proper structure, proper diet, proper mental activity is necessary. This includes fresh air and sunshine. Since this is being written in February in Northeast Ohio it is worthy to mention the effects of sunshine during the winter months. In the wintertime many patients show vitamin D deficiency symptoms that express themselves in the form of knee pain. The quadriceps muscle is related to the small intestine. Knee pain (and Narcolepsy) often responds to vitamin D during the winter months. A grade 4/5 Quadricep will often become a grade 5/5 following a full body dose of Ultraviolet for about twenty seconds.
  9. Especially in the winter months, sleep in a completely darkened room, try to expose yourself, face and eyes especially, to as much sunlight as possible (See John Otts Book on sunlight effects and his astonishing film, now available on videotape, that proves the physiological effects of sunlight)
  10. One hour a day in sunlight insures proper amounts of Melatonin production. Sleeping in a totally darkened room also helps. Get your sunlight as early in the day as possible.

 The following was retrieved from the daily newsletter by Robert Cohen

WHAT ABOUT SOY? by John Robbins

The entire article is too large to post here, but can be read at your leisure by going to the above URL.

Here are some of John's comments:

"It's not that long ago that soybeans were considered by most Americans to be "hippie food." But then medical research began accumulating, affirming that soy consumption reduced heart disease and cancer risk, that it lengthened lives and enhanced their quality, and that it provided an almost ideal protein to substitute for animal proteins that almost inevitably come packaged with cholesterol and saturated fat."

"When soybeans are made into soymilk, tofu, tempeh, and the other common forms of soyfoods, their protein digestibility is enhanced and becomes similar to animal foods...even simple soybeans, with their reduced digestibility, are so high in protein and in all the essential amino acids that they could still easily serve as the sole source of protein in a person's diet if that was necessary for some reason."  [this is the quote of a vegetarian with which I disagree - animal protein is the vital protein for humans. Unless you are an adrenal dominant, born with a vegetarian digestive capacity, a vegetarian diet will weaken you. DHD Sr] 

"Protease inhibitors found in soybeans appear to reduce the incidence of colon, prostate and breast cancer in humans."

"In 2000, the Nutrition Committee of the American Heart Association published a major statement in the peer-reviewed journal Circulation, officially recommending the inclusion of 25 grams or more of soy protein, with its associated phytochemicals intact(i.e., not in the form of an isolated soy protein supplement),in the daily diet as a means of promoting heart health. This recommendation is consistent with the FDA's recent ruling allowing soy protein products to carry the health claim: "25 grams/day of soy protein, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease."



".The findings of the prestigious Health Professionals Follow-up Study, found a 70% reduction in prostate cancer for men who consume soymilk daily."

"In 1997, the American Institute for Cancer Research, in collaboration with its international affiliate, the World Cancer Research Fund, issued a major international report, Food, Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer:

A Global Perspective.
This report analyzed more than 4,500 research studies, and its production involved the participation of more than 120 contributors and peer reviewers, including participants from the World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the International Agency on Research in Cancer, and the U.S. National Cancer Institute. In 2000, Riva Bitrum, the President of Research for the American Institute for Cancer Research, said that:

"Studies showing consistently that just one serving a day of soyfoods contributes to a reduction in cancer risk are encouraging. Consuming one serving of soyfoods is a step most individuals would not find too difficult to take."

"A major study published in the August, 2001, Journal of the American Medical Association found that infants fed soy formula grow to be just as healthy as those raised on cow's milk formulas."

"Cow's milk provides more than nine times as much saturated fat as soy beverages, so is far more likely to contribute to heart disease."

"Soy beverages provide more than 10 times as much essential fatty acids as cow's milk, and so provide a far healthier quality of fat."

"Soy beverages are cholesterol-free, while cow's milk contains 34 mg of cholesterol per cup, which again means that cow's milk is far worse for your heart and cardiovascular system."

"Soy beverages lower both total and LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels, while cow's milk raises both total and LDL cholesterol levels, providing yet more reasons soymilk is better for your health."

"Soy beverages contain numerous protective phytochemicals that may protect against chronic diseases such as heart disease and osteoporosis. Cow's milk contains no phytochemicals."

"Men who consume one to two servings of soymilk per day are 70 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who don't."

"In my view, the best way to take advantage of soy's health benefits is to follow the example of the traditional Asian diets and stick with whole foods. As a population, these are cultures that, when they have eaten their traditional diets, have tended to be healthier and live longer than Americans. The Okinawa Japanese, the longest living people in the world, average 1-2 servings of soy each day." 

Robert Cohen 



Below are bits and pieces of information on Soy, sugar and the dietary.



Articles by Sally Fallon, Dr. Mercola and, report problems with soy consumption.

 Are these soy critics correct? Absolutely, but it's not the soy that causes the problem. It's the carrageenan, an additive. 

Carrageenan is like Vaseline petroleum jelly. A glass of SILK [a not recommended commercial soy drink] contains commercially prepared soymilk with a dextrose type sugar, chocolate powder and the vaseline type chemical, carrageenan as an emulsifier. The carrageenan will cause digestive tract problems in susceptible people, make them ill and cause them to think they are allergic to soy.

Remember when you see dextrose, glucose or corn syrup the substance is a poison.

Even natural honey contains this poison [dextrose]. If you allow honey to crystallize and then turn the bottle upside down and allow the honey to run out [might take several days] the crystals that are left are poison, even to bees. If you fed them to bees they would die. The liquid honey is a perfect food and can even be consumed by diabetics. Tupelo honey is the only honey that does not crystallize and it does not provoke insulin release like junk sugar and junk carbos do. Tupelo honey takes sixteen times as long to be absorbed from the intestinal tract as junk sugar does. Honey is the only food known to man that never rots or goes bad. Honey has been found in Egyptian tombs that have been closed up for thousands of years and it is still OK. The reason that glucose and dextrose is poison is due to its rotatory component - the junk sugar molecule rotates light to the right while the natural sugar LEVULOSE rotates the light to the left. This is like putting right hand screws into left handed threads. When sugar is refined, huge amounts of dextrorotary glucose are formed. During crop failures with sugar shortages, the sugar would be refined over and over to get as much as possible from the small crops. Wherever this sugar was sent in the world, polio epidemics quickly appeared. This has been well documented in the pages of the MEDICAL HYPOTHESES By Van De Meer in 1992.

Don't habitually consume food stored in packages, bottles or cans - and when you do, read the labels especially for items such as carrageenan, glucose, dextrose, corn syrup.

Carrageenan is a solvent facilitated extract of red seaweed. The solvent can eat the skin right off your hand.

Carrageenan is the vegetarian equivalent to casein - the milk protein that causes so much trouble. Casein is used in paints, and glue. 


The junk food industry criminals and the AMA support group that helps maintain their crimes against the public health are in the habit now of claiming chemical molecules used in foodstuffs as NATURAL because similar molecules can be found in natural foods.

This is like saying that inorganic COBALT is natural. In fact inorganic cobalt is a poison and cobalt can only be taken in an organic form as found in a living organism as part of the Vitamin B12 Complex. Only a plant can take the inorganic form from the soil and with the energy of the sun, form an organic complex that can be digested and used by humans.

This is how the poisonous artificial sweetener, ASPARTAME, was pushed onto the market many years ago against the recommendations of Wurtmann [Scientific American] and many others.

Every vitamin and every particle of nutrition needed by the human machine is in an organic compound formed initially by plants and the energy of the sun. The most vital foods needed for human health are provided initially by plants which are then consumed by animals which are then consumed by humans - protein is the vital food and is the only truly essential food as long as it is consumed with its naturally associated fat.

Carbohydrate is absolutely unessential to health although it makes things a lot easier to handle, affords a pleasant variety and is [absolutely] necessary only for the offspring of junk carbohydrate eaters who set up the glandular systems of their children by what they eat just before and during pregnancy. Those children will be adrenal dominant and require the alkaline fruit and vegetable foods with a small amount of acid grains for survival initially. Babies should not be fed grains until they have teeth.   

Unless fresh meat is available, carbohydrate is necessary to supply vitamin C. Eskimos survived well on total animal protein often eaten raw, which supplied the necessary vitamin C. Eskimos suffered no degenerative disease when first encountered by "civilized" men. Eskimos now suffer all the degenerative diseases of the white man. Early diseases of the Eskimo that were blamed on their contact with white men while lacking certain antibodies to certain diseases is more quack medicine propaganda. They died very quickly when fed the refined sugar and other degenerative foods of the white man. Refined sugar is now known to be the cause of the polio epidemics of the forties and fifties. [ see Diet Prevents Polio, by Benjamin Sandler MD].

For example, the animals convert grass, which our digestive systems cannot handle, into protein, which our systems CAN handle. If you feed your dog a carrot stick he will chew it for a long time before swallowing. Pavlov proved that a different type of digestive juice was made by dogs when they chewed carbs than when they chewed meat. This is why patients suffering digestive ailments should restrict their intake to one food at a time and why it is wise to eat protein at one meal, carbohydrate at another and fruit at another. The three should not be combined in one meal unless one takes care to include only the low starch vegies with animal protein. Fruit should not be routinely taken with any meal.

The items we retrieve from our foods that are necessary to sustain life are all in organic combinations, not chemical combinations. No synthetic chemical or drug has ever been able to sustain life or encourage health in any way shape or form. Only organic compounds can do that. This can quickly be demonstrated on an endocardiograph reading of heart function. A leaky valve, absent second sound, sagging heart of the congestive heart failure etc will quickly respond to the proper administration of the complete vitamin fractions but will never show any result from synthetic vitamins or inorganic minerals in uncombined form.

Every vitamin is a part of an enzyme complex and only functions as an organized whole. That is the meaning of organic - organized - and that type of organization is accomplished only by a living unit. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

If you take the parts of a watch out, they are worthless and the watch cannot run unless it is put together precisely by the watchmaker. You can't just take all the parts, dump them in a container and expect them to start keeping time. This is what the quacks do when they take different elements out of natural foodstuffs and tell you that the food is enriched with them. Over half a century ago proof was demonstrated that animals fed on enriched died faster than animals that were starved.  You cannot take out the mainspring or any other part of a watch and say this is the watch. Neither can you take cobalt or any other part of the B12 molecule out of the organically combined enzyme system put together by mother nature and say this is something that will help your pernicious anemia.

 It has been said by greater men than I that the greatest tragedy of modern civilization is the attempt by medical criminals to substitute chemicals for food factors in the treatment of disease.

 The USA has more hospitals, more doctors, more technicians, more equipment and more government money spent on "health" than any other of the "civilized" nations and we are the sickest of the group statistically. The cause of this situation is the criminal activity in medicine and the drug industry. Government bureacrats continually lie to the legislators and to the public. 21st century medicine is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the human race because of the advances in communication. Hundreds of thousands of people are being poisoned every hour of the day. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't cancer increased every year for the last fifty years and is it not one of the greatest if not THE greatest of the modern frauds?

The criminals in organized medicine and the drug industry insist upon using inert chemicals on victims of malnourishment.

Carrageenan is about as wholesome as monosodium glutamate (MSG), which is another fraud presented as a natural extract from rice. Nutrasweet is a deadly poison.  FDA classifies these biological poisons as wholesome, natural, food additives that are safe for human consumption. Of course they said that BAYCOR was safe also, however withing six months, BAYCOR was found to have killed over 80 Americans. Every cholesterol reducer on the market is killing people every day - cholesterol is found in the cell wall of every cell of your body. Every cell in your body makes cholesterol. When you interfere with cholesterol formation you are interfering with every cell wall, vascular cell wall, organ cell wall in your body. Putting chemicals into the body rather than telling people what the antidote to cholesterol is makes the medicine man guilty of high crime. The antidote to cholesterol is LECITHIN found eggs for example. Want to lower your cholesterol? Eat eggs every day. When you consume natural foods in their natural state you get plenty of LECITHIN which is the antidote for unnatural levels of cholesterol. Where do unnatural levels come from? Try white bread - you won't get high cholesterol from eating high fat foods. Eating high fat foods LOWERS the cholesterol but the medical quacks are not aware of that because they have been too busy pushing poisons and dealing in fraud.

Carrageenan in commerciall adulterated soy coats the gut lining, causes problems and the consumer blames it on the soy.

The criminals use animal studies to prove things about human nutrition when the use of humans does not fit their criminal purposes. Studies using human tissues suggests that digestive function breaks down large molecule carrageenans into smaller molecules which are thought to cause cancer.

Here are some studies from our friend the man from whom a large portion of this report was taken.


1) Filament Disassembly and Loss of Mammary Myoepithelial Cells after Exposure to Carrageenan, Joanne Tobacman, Cancer Research, 57, 2823-2826, July 15, 1997

2) Carrageenan-Induced Inclusions in Mammary Mycoepithelial Cells, Joanne Tobacman, MD, and Katherine Walters, BS, Cancer Detection and Prevention, 25(6): 520-526 (2001)

3) Consumption of Carrageenan and Other Water-soluble Polymers Used as Food Additives and Incidence of Mammary Carcinoma, J. K. Tobacman, R. B. Wallace, M. B. Zimmerman, Medical Hypothesis (2001), 56(5), 589-598

4) Structural Studies on Carrageenan Derived Oligisaccharides, Guangli Yu, Huashi Guan, Alexandra Ioanviciu, Sulthan Sikkander, Charuwan Thanawiroon, Joanne Tobacman, Toshihiko
Toida, Robert Linhardt, Carbohydrate Research, 337 (2002), 433-440

In her 1997 publication (1), Tobacman studied the effect of carrageenan on the growth of cultured human mammary epithelial cells over a two week period. She found that extremely low doses of carrageenan disrupted the internal cellular architecture of healthy breast tissue, leading her to conclude:

"The widely used food additive, carrageenan has marked effects on the growth and characteristics of human mammary myoepithelial cells in tissue cultures at concentrations much less than those frequently used in food products to improve solubility."

Tobacman continued her work by exposing low concentrations of carrageenan for short intervals to human breast tissue (2), and observed pathological alterations in cellular membranes and intracellular tissues. Tobacman wrote:

"These changes included prominence of membrane-associated vesicles that coalesced to form unusual petal-like arrays...and development of stacked rigid-appearing inclusions in the lysosomes that arose from the membranes of the petal-like arrays and from smaller, dense spherical bodies that formed clumps."

In reporting a historical perspective, Tobacman revealed that carrageenan has been found to
destroy other human cells in tissue cultures, including epithelial intestinal cells and prostate cells. She concludes:

"The association between exposure to low concentrations of carrageenan in tissue culture and destruction of mammary myoepithelial cells may be relevant to the occurrance of invasive mammary malignancy in vivo and provides another approach to investigation of mammary

Tobacman's third paper (3) explored the increased incidence of mammary carcinoma to the increased consumption of stabilizers and additives such as guar gum, pectin, xanthan, and carrageenan. While no relationship between the either above named additives and cancer was observed, carrageenan showed a strong positive.

Although high molecular weight carrageenans are considered to be safe, Tobacman demonstrates that low molecular weight carrageenans are carcinogenic. She writes:

"Acid hydrolysis (digestion) leads to shortening of the carrageenan polymer to the degraded form, poligeenan. It is not unreasonable to speculate that normal gastric acid...may act upon ingested carrageenan and convert some of which is ingested to the lower molecular weight poligeenan during the actual process of digestion. Also, some intestinal bacteria possess the enzyme carrageenase that degrades carrageenan."

Tobacman's 2002 publication (4) proves her earlier hypothesis. She writes:

"Mild-acid hydrolytic depolymerization of carrageenan affords poligeenan, a mixture of lower molecular weight polysaccharides and oligosaccharide products."

Tobacman is currently preparing and characterizing low molecular weight poligeenans (carcinogenic) that have been extracted from human digestion modalities. Her yet-to-be published data suggest that carrageenans are dangerous for human consumption.


The largest selling soymilk in America is SILK. Do I pick on the industry leader? Darned right I
do. SILK sets the standard. You deserve to know the truth. Just for the record, if and when SILK changes their formula they will become my hero. In my opinion, SILK tastes better than any of the commercially available soymilks. Unfortunately, consumers sacrifice good health for good taste.
That is not a fair trade, particularly for our children. 

from Robert Cohen. the man.