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[   ]Caffeinated drinks may protect elderly against heart disease.doc01-Dec-2008 21:45 30K 
[   ]Caffeine may halve pain after exercise.doc01-Dec-2008 21:45 25K 
[   ]Coffee could reduce risk of alcoholic cirrhosis.doc01-Dec-2008 21:45 27K 
[   ]Coffee could slow mental decline in old men.doc01-Dec-2008 21:45 27K 
[   ]More support for coffee’s anti-diabetes benefits.doc01-Dec-2008 21:45 29K 
[   ]More support for coffee’s protective role against diabetes.doc01-Dec-2008 21:45 29K 
[   ]No evidence on heart effects from drinking coffee.doc01-Dec-2008 21:45 27K